Sunday, October 19, 2014

Introducing Zephyr's Koan

Having two litters this summer really made it hard to keep up with things like blogging. I have a lot of catching up to do. First on my list is introducing Zephyr's Koan. Yes, we kept our singleton pup born May 31st of this year. I stopped resisting somewhere around the time she picked up both live and dead pigeons at just under 8 weeks. About a week later she picked up a duck I thawed out for her to practice with. Of course, we're still working on the bring it back part, but that will come.

Koan's first duck

I'm not sure if Koan's drive and intensity is the result of her being a singleton or if that's what she would have turned out like regardless of how many littermates she had since she does have some pretty awesome parents, but she is amazingly smart and intense even in a breed known for those characteristics.

About the name.... Koan "is" our K litter. I was struggling a bit to come up with a name I liked, but decided this one fit. It's an unusual name and the shortest registered name I've come up with to date. Not too many people know the meaning of this word, so I've been telling people I'll pay them a dollar if they can tell me the meaning without having to look it up. So far I've only had to pay out one dollar.

Definition of Koan

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