Monday, September 30, 2013

The girls are really in charge...

First off I must confess to "borrowing" the gist of the title for this post from Laura Waudby's blog, "The Dogs Are Really in Charge". She's a dog trainer in MN who currently has a Corgi and a Toller and is training a Labrador Retriever to be a service dog. She writes about many different dog related training and trialing experiences and has a lot of interesting observations to share.

I've recently come to the conclusion that June and Lark are in cahoots and working together to maintain the current status quo. They don't want to see another addition to the pack any time soon. I had my suspicions when Lark's second litter consisted of all male puppies, just like her first litter. Due to our small setup, so far I've resisted adding an intact male (especially one so closely related) to our pack. And then earlier this month Lark came in season, not an unexpected event, but 2-5 months earlier than anticipated, causing me to put any breeding plans for her on hold due to a project at work that would likely conflict with her due date.

So for now the girls continue to enjoy lots of individual time and attention. I can only hope they throw me a bone or two at the Specialty this week to make up for the severe puppy-itis I'm sure I'll experience in the presence of so many adorable Toller puppies.