Sunday, May 13, 2012

It WAS the tooth!

I finally got June back into the obedience ring for the first time since January when her performances in Open were so markedly different from last November’s I stopped trialing her until I could determine a possible cause. In mid March, during a routine dental, my vet removed the largest molar on June’s upper left side due to a slab fracture with exposed pulp.

At Badger Kennel Club’s obedience trial on May 4th, June proved she was back in fine form, earning her second CDX leg with a  score of 194.5 and first place in Open A. Unfortunately we weren’t entered on Saturday or Sunday as it was time for Lark’s brood to leave for their new homes, so we still need to find time in the next few months to try and pick up a third leg. June’s daughters Image and Zoom were also competing that day and picked up their first Rally Novice legs.

After June's big day in the ring she crashed early on the couch.