Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tobago the wonder Toller

"Helping" around the house
I do believe his family coined that phrase, but I wouldn’t dispute it. As the puppy formerly known as “Oak”  closes in on his first birthday he has provided much wonder and joy for his owners.
He won over his “older sister” Toller housemate Trini within minutes of their first meeting and has helped her bloom socially. He has wowed the neighbors and just about everyone else he has met with his buoyant personality. Since he left for his new home he has been in training for conformation, field, obedience, rally, agility and frisbee. He recently obtained the first point toward his AKC championship with his owner Amanda on the other end of the leash, much to her surprise and excitement. The pictures I’ve seen show he is maturing nicely. I’m looking forward to seeing him again at this year’s BYC.

Hey, what happened to my stick?

Am I swimming yet?

The pictures here are just a few of the many wonderful photos his owners have sent throughout the past year.

Frisbee dog!

Not a puppy anymore!