Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Something I thought I'd never see...

Is Lark pick up a duck. And yet, here she is, not too many months after I FINALLY got serious. I was a bit spoiled by her mother June who passed the WC without being force fetched. Lark is more like her great grandmother Gem, whose sensibilities regarding ducks required more “coaching” than June or Rosie. I'm glad I finally buckled down and did the work. Here's hoping a WC is in our future for 2013.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Brothers' play date

In between a lot of conformation shows last weekend we managed to find time for Chiron and Ian to have a playdate. It was challenging to take pictures of them outside because they hardly ever stopped moving. Eventually we all came inside to warm up and they did manage to sit nicely for a few moments. I also got lots of puppy hugs and kisses when I got down on the floor with them for a while. The brothers are from Eta's litter born 5/28/12.


Monday, December 10, 2012

A major accomplishment

No one was more surprised than I when the judge pulled June from the line at the Starved Rock Kennel Club show on December 7th and awarded her BOB (Best of Breed). As I had exhibited June in the Bred By Exhibitor class, this meant the judge put a class bitch up over three MALE SPECIALS!

I had to go to the superintendent's table to find out exactly what that meant in regard to points, as it is incredibly rare for a class entry to go up over Specials, and even more so for a class bitch to go up over male Specials. I was pleased to find out the win gave June a 4pt major. This from a dog I as the breeder nicknamed "scrawny monkey" from an early age and more or less gave up on the idea of ever finishing her a few years ago. Of course we're not quite done yet but this has given me incentive to think about taking her out a few times in 2013.

June was very full of herself both in the ring (which may have helped cement her win) and afterward. Those who show in conformation are familiar with the saying "the dog asked for the win." Knowing her personality, I think perhaps June might have even demanded it, though never in my wildest dreams did I think a judge would acquiesce.